Matt Zawila-Bass

  • Influences: Geddy Lee (Rush) , Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) , Joe DiBiase (Fates Warning)
  • One of the top Dart Throwers in the state.
  • Enjoys fishing, jet skiing, outdoor sports.
  • Bands I’m jammin' on now: Ra, Incubus, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Shinedown
  • First show: Talent show in high school, finished 2nd. We were robbed!

Luis Castrillon-Drums

  • Played drums since age 10.
  • “First show was when I played at a high school variety show in 1985, I was 13.”
  • Influences: Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp), Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Steve Zimmerman (Fates Warning)
  • Enjoys spending time with his dog and reading true crime novels.
  • Black Belt in Aikido.

Sean McKnight-Vocals

  • Loves to read fantasy/sci-fi. Enjoys outdoor activities, or anywhere he can take his dog, Foster.
  • “My first gig was up in Waynesville, NC with my first band, Obsidian. It was at this cool bar called ‘The Junction’ all hidden behind a tiny convenience store. You had to walk through this old-time mountain store to actually get to the bar, which was huge. It could probably hold 5 to 6 hundred people easy. One of the guitarists, Hanley, had a brother who was bartending at the time. I'm sure you can imagine the kind of trouble that encouraged. The good kind! Anyway, after gathering a few originals, a couple of covers and one or two instrumentals we decided to set up a show and invite all of our friends who had mostly seen us already at practice. I was a little nervous, but I had never done anything like this before and really didn't know what to expect. When we showed up there were a handful of strangers milling around the bar, mostly older people. ‘The regulars’. A couple of our friends were hanging out in the back waiting for what was sure to be a devastatingly, ground-breaking metal extravaganza. I went to the bar and grabbed a beer as the reality of what I was getting ready to do started to manifest in my brain. As more people I didn't know started showing up, more regulars, and finally a few more of our friends, my nerves began to reach a fevered pitch, and then suddenly we were onstage. There could have been fifty thousand people directly in front of me for the way my stomach heaved. I tried to steel myself and gathered my will and then the first song began. We flubbed the opening and the weight of it nearly sank me to my knees. My legs were shaking so hard I felt like a bad Elvis impersonation. My voice was strong although probably not in key, and I was covered in a nervous sweat, but I'm guessing the bright stage lights also had something to do with it. Eventually the band came together and losing most of my nerves I got swept up in the performance, and at the end of it all, just like every good rock show, I was glad to see some of those older, complete strangers slow dancing to our cheesy rock ballad.”
  • Follows politics as a hobby.
  • Studies “Lucid Dreaming”.
  • Likes to play Disc Golf.

David Staples-Guitar

  • First Gig- “In high school, I’d formed a band to do Bad Company & Aerosmith covers. When we played the school variety show everyone kept saying ‘you’re going to look white if you don’t put on a little make-up’. We recruited some girls for this task and things got WAY out of hand. By the time they were done we looked like Poison. My Dad was in the audience that night. When we went onstage he said, ‘THAT’S my son!?’ ”
  • Influences- Edward Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Vinnie Moore
  • Black Belt in Taekwondo.
  • Does song parodies for local radio stations.
  • Started playing guitar at age 15.




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